About Dinwiddie's -There's No Place Like Here

Hey you!  When it comes to fashion and interior design, rules are meant to be broken, but in life fairness is everything!  Example: In my world the words "Haute" and cotton muslin fabric are the perfect combo, and an industrial conveyor belt is the perfect bench for my living room.  I am a design rebel with ideas that are rooted in tradition.
I love what I do.  Every day I wake up excited about a crazy idea and how to make it happen.  I have always designed and made things to put out into the world.  In the beginning I would have an idea for a project, and then I would search high and low to find the materials that I needed to bring my idea to life.  This method proved to be frustrating because more often than not, I couldn't find the materials, and wasted a lot of time.  Now I've learned to allow the materials that are available to me to speak to me in a new way.  The materials tell me what they want to become.
Check out my designs and finds at: www.dinwiddies.etsy.com  & at: www.dinwiddieshome.etsy.com